7 Key Tips to Achieve Absolute Relaxation Without Spending Any Money

Relaxation is not expensive or time-consuming. You don’t need to go out to spend a long weekend at a fancy 5-star resort or take time off work to travel overseas. We have some health tips to reduce stress and alleviate tension effortlessly.

1. Meditate.

Find 5 minute to mediate every day to start off. Work your way up to 30 minutes a day, or break it up into two 15 minute meditation sessions. Just 30 minutes of practice per day can help clear your mind and improve sleep and performance.

It’s simple. Sit up straight with both feet on the floor. Close your eyes. Focus your attention on your feelings in the present moment. Say either out loud or silently, positive affirmations such as “I feel at peace” or “I love myself.” Allow any disturbing thoughts float away like clouds.

2. Take deep and complete breaths into the bottom of your lungs.

Take a 5-10 minute break and focus on your breathing. Are you filling up the bottom of your lungs? Most people only shallow breathe, which does not allow optimal amount of oxygen to circulate your respiratory system. One breathing awareness exercise is to slowly inhale through your nose, feeling the breath start in your abdomen and work its way to the top of your head. Then exhale through your mouth. Feel the air fill up your lungs to its maximum capacity. Most people do no breathe completely. Breathing and filling up your lungs is a key pillar of absolute relaxation.

3. Be present in the moment and feel with your heart.

Take 5 minutes and focus on only one behaviour with awareness. For example, notice how the air feels on your face when you’re walking and how your feet feel as you place each footstep onto the ground. Enjoy the taste, texture and smell of each bite of food you eat – choose a meal. Lunch time is best as it resets your concentration ready for the rest of the afternoon. Also, have awareness of how your heart feels and each and every moment and be grateful for that moment.

When you spend time in the moment and focus on your senses, you will feel less tense and enhance your productivity and efficiency at work.

4. Reach out to your friends and family.

Talk to others – your friends and family in particular. It is best to converse face to face rather than over the phone. Offload your concerns with the people you care about and people who are about you. Open the lines of communication and build rapport with others. They will appreciate the time you have taken to maintain the relationship strong. Share the love with others and feel the love returned.

5. Listen to your body

Feel your body to get a sense of how stress affects it each day. Notice the tension and where it is located – your neck, back or perhaps shoulders? Stretch out on your back, or sit on the floor. Take a deep breathe and feel the tension melt away from your toes, towards the way up to your scalp and sense how your body feels.

6. Relax your body with warmth.

Place a warm heat wrap around your neck and shoulders for 5-10 minutes. Be care for that it is not too hot – just warm enough to soothe your body. Close your eyes and relax your face, neck, upper chest, and back muscles. Be aware of the warmth it bring your body and your mind. Stay in the present and allow your mind to calm and draw peace. Feel the clarity in your mind expand as your body relaxes.


Laugh Once A Day Every Day to relieve pressure effortlessly. Find something that makes you laugh – grumpy cat, funny YouTube clips, cartoons or stand-up comedy. Laughter gets the body moving, blood pumping, and releases endorphins that make you relaxed and happy.

These are 7 key tips how you could achieve absolute relaxation, just like taking a holiday to your favourite destination without leaving your own home or taking time of work. These steps are easy, cost-effective and you can have total relaxation effortlessly and effectively

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Practical Blogging Tips – 3 Reasons to Turn Your Blog Into Your Profitable Social Marketing Hub

With all the focus on the popular Social Media platforms, it’s easy to forget that you blog is your Social Marketing hub. Similar to Article Marketing, blogging was Social Marketing before Social Marketing was cool.

I teach my clients and members to make their blog the hub of their Social Marketing world. Here are 3 reasons and benefits to do so.

3 Reasons to Make Your Blog Your Hub

Reason 1 – Communication/Relationship – I love my Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and other Social Media Platforms. I make lots of connections and build relationships on them everyday.

At the same time, my blog is still the primary place where I build relationships and communicate with my tribe. I recommend you do the same. The primary reason is that you just have more room to communicate and build relationships on your blog. You can invite your tribe back over and over, communicate at more length and interact through the comments on your blog.

When you do it right, your blog can become a destination site for your tribe.

Reason 2 – To Your Blog – I use all of my Social Marketing platforms, Twitter, Facebook, EzineArticles, YouTube, etc. to drive traffic to my blog. I recommend you do the same. For example, begin the conversation on Twitter and continue it on your blog. Announce new blog posts, videos, articles, etc. on one of your Social Marketing platforms,and invite your prospects back to blog with a link.

Think of these as Social Marketing Sign Posts directing traffic directly to your blog. In this way you are getting a consistent flow of new traffic to your blog and encouraging repeat visitors.

By the way, you can also use your email to invite people to your blog. You may have heard that email is no longer working. And if all you are doing is hammering your list with a new offer everyday, then perhaps it is true. But if you are letting your list community know about a great new resource of information on your blog…

Reason 3 – From Your Blog – Once prospects are on your blog, you can send them anywhere you would like them to go. Let’s say you have a new product or service. You can tell your tribe about it on your blog, and then invite them to visit the sales page.

In the same way, if you are have a friend or colleague with a great product or service, you can tell your tribe about it on your blog, and then invite them to visit your friend or colleagues page.

Bottom Line – Treat your blog as your hub and build a loyal and responsive tribe. And you can see exactly how I do it over on my blog at [http://FromtheDeskofJeffHerring.com]

It’s the number one rated site & blog on Google for Art

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